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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Another sketch from a recent holiday

Sketched en plein air



There was something lovely about sitting by this harbour and watching the world go by.
The little orange boat you see in the picture was the local Lifeboat,
thankfully not being used but ready to go if needed.

The buildings on the left were apartments, just hope people didn't get their feet wet too often!


  1. beautiful! They are close to the water!!!!

  2. Very tranquil. And no snow. =^,.^=

  3. Talk about 'waterfront' property! :O Makes a lovely sketch though....

  4. Thanks Laurie, CJ, Marie, Judy, Christine and Robin....this was in Fowey (pronounced Foy) here's a link to a scene near to where I was sketching :

  5. Sorry I haven't been over to visit for ages, I don't seem to have much time for blogging at the moment. I have just been enjoying reading some of your previous posts and was delighted to see your quick sketch of Fowey. I did immediately recognise it! Wishing you and your family a very Happy Christmas. Sarah x

    1. Thank you Sarah, nice to know you recognised Fowey from the sketch :) btw I love your blogposts, your photos of Dorset are always enjoyable to see :)


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