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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Old harbour and Nothe point Weymouth

We've visited Weymouth in Dorset for years, (known for it's harbour, mostly) and this visit we walked through the Old harbour area and on towards Nothe Park  (⬅️ click the link for some info)... Definitely an area worthy of a wander and we were lucky that the weather was so good

Looking across in the next picture, you can just see the Osmington White horse shaped out of the grass 

I tried to zoom in with my phone, a little blurry I'm afraid, so will add a link....
It isn't very White these days either....

Making our way back towards the old harbour...
this looked like a pair of boots!

but is actually one of those boat tying up thingys -
lived on the South Coast for years and can tell I am not nautical,
only in as far as I can tell you a boat has a pointy end and a blunt end!

l like seeing boats though...that must count for something, right?

Finally back to the town and how many people look UP when they visit places.

Glad I did as I would have missed the decorations on this building
with it's gargoyles 

~ I'll continue our Weymouth visit in another blogpost soon ~

The Dorset flag


  1. Replies
    1. .....hopefully we will go back there before too long. Lots of things to see that we didn’t get time to do.

  2. LOL, I was wondering why the bridge was opening there for a minute until I saw the sailboat! (PS I don't like gargoyles...they freak me out!) :-/

    1. ....and did you hear the screaming brat in the background, makes gargoyles seem like complete angels, lol

  3. You were blessed with the weather, lovely blue skies. Those certainly do look like a pair of boots :) I do like the horse on the hillside too. Looks a lovely place to visit.

    1. We were very fortunate that week, the weather was perfect. I think Dorset generally gets forgotten as a destination, but is a lovely county :)

  4. I love gargoyles. There is so much to see when you look upwards, my experience as well in my town!

    1. I'm sure I get people wondering why I'm looking up at a building...they just don't 'Get It' do they :)


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