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Thursday, 24 May 2018

Weymouth trip

One of those spontaneous bookings that worked for us.
{although I would say this particular site was on the cramped side}

Nice walk down to the beach -

guess who led the way

and a stop for a drink

when dad is buying the drinks,
William doesn't budge from the spot

I drew a quick postcard

turned out the paper didn't like so much watercolour ðŸĪĢ

I soon flattened it out enough 

that's it for now....
- more posts to be added shortly -


  1. Beautiful photos and postcard.

  2. Sometimes it's good to book a holiday without too much planning involved. Ive never been down to the south coast, looks nice. Can't say I'm a fan of Haven Holidays after our visit, beautiful site but the dog-friendly caravan was definitely sub-standard. William eager for Dad to return I see :) I'll look forward to more of your holiday posts.

    1. Overall we were pleased, but each site differs. It was crammed in though and ok til people arrive with little kids, we call them Thumpers, as you hear the kiddies running up and down their caravans. ðŸĪĢ. The most challenging part was parking the car next to the caravan, there was a tight bend, with a steep drop one side, so no hope of reversing up to the caravan. Luckily not all the caravans were occupied, so there was room to manoeuvre. It didn’t spoil our trip, we enjoyed it.

  3. Beautiful! Sorry the caravan site was not satisfactory. But the views are fabulous!

    1. Glad you enjoyed this post Judy. Yes, it was a pity about the site itself, but we made the most of it anyway and definitely enjoyed our trip 🙂


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