Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Camilia - demo

Thought I would add this little demo, luckily I did think ahead and photograph each stage of this painting.  I added it to the Sketchbook Challenge theme this month : Branching Out - Out on a Limb, because I threw paint at it as a final florish.......you know, that scary moment when you think  "should I do this?"  or "don't go there!"

Anyway, this is how it all began

 Clear water on the paper - then Ultramarine Blue

Rose Madder for the petals of the flower, again clear water and let it spread-
I then dropped in a little Olive Green (one of my favourite green's at the moment) 
and tilted the paper to let it run down

I added some stronger pigment to the petals to emphasize them

Having a small amount of rose madder on my brush I added another petal, 
again allowing the paint to run with plenty of water
- why not get gravity to do some of the work -

I then did the same with the ultramarine blue and just let the colours run -
you can see that the blue is making its way into the petal
I really like encouraging paint to go in a particular direction 
but then leaving it to do its own thing
here I softened the blue above the petal 
but felt it still needed something in the way of a hard edge -
I like lost and found edges


the finished piece where I added more pigment into clear water
and a 'hold my breath' florish where I threw paint at it!!

- Hope you like it -


Judy said...

Yes I like it! Thanks for the demo!
When I try this sort of thing it becomes a mess because I am too cautious with colour. This is beautiful!

Teri C said...

I love your explanation with demos of the process and I love the results!

Anonymous said...

What an inspiring demo. I have tried runny paint too, but nothing as beautiful as this. Thank you for sharing the process and the painting.

Ann's Art said...

Thanks to all of you for your nice comments:)

suzanne cabrera said...

I LOVE seeing process. Thank you for sharing. And the dose of paint at the end...totally makes the final piece! Love it.

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