Tuesday, 12 April 2011


IT IS REALLY lovely to see all the wild flowers popping up along the hedgerows.
Here in Woolacombe is no exception with what feel like old friends showing their faces again.

The delicate little Devon Violets make me smile.
They don't stand out particularly, not something your eye would go to immediately, but as you amble along their splash of blue/purple colour catches your attention.
On closer inspection they are really quite perfect.

I have taken the opportunity to sketch and paint some of them 'en plein air'.
People walking past often try to see what you're doing and I have become quite good at closing my sketchbook and walking on before they get to me! I must try to stop doing this,after all what does it matter if somebody wants to talk to me about my painting,I do enough of it in this blog.

ANOTHER plant out in flower at the moment is completely opposite to the delicate Violet and definately a prickly character - the Gorse. The colour is just amazing so bright.

It obviously does a very good job of attracting the bees with its bright colour shouting 'here I am'. This is a plant that you find cattle and horses love nibbling at and not surprising either. If you pick the flowers (I would suggest carefully) and crush them in your hand they smell of coconut. I know that some people make Gorse Flower Wine out of them, there are several recipes on the Internet and according to my sources it is very good too....not that I have tried to make any....as if I would drink wine anyway, the very idea!

I took this photo the other day of one such gorse enjoying it's sea view.


Judy said...

Lovely violets!
Isn't it silly to get embarrassed when people are looking over your shoulder when you're sketching? I know the feeling. Maybe some Gorse Flower Wine before you start? ;-)

Ann's Art said...

Good idea Judy.... now where did I put my glass!

Anonymous said...

I am mortified if anyone tries to look at my sketches too!
Lovely violets form a part of the country I know well-we have relatives near Bideford. I was so pleased to find your blog.

Ann's Art said...

Glad you found my blog Judith. Equally I've taken the liberty of finding 'pencils and paint'. Brilliant blog...will definately follow. ann.

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