Tuesday, 10 May 2011


I guess we all end up with oddments of paper.  If  a painting has gone wrong and is destined for the bin then I tend to chop up the paper and use it as labels for gifts.  As they are only a portion of a failed painting they stand alone ok and look quite good. 

Using up oddments of plain paper also works in the same way - I cut them into strips and paint a little scene on them.  Sometimes it may only be one colour with no picture, just because I happen to like the colour.  They are ideal as bookmarks too and can always be tidied up and squared off neatly then laminated and given as a gift.

With this in mind I was playing with some oddments yesterday and ended up using my finger as a 'resist' on the paper.  I then painted over with Cobalt Blue watercolour and turned one into sheep and the other into robins.

I added these to Sketchbook Challenge - Can't Resist This!  They were a bit of fun only but I have eneded up with one or two comments about the idea and hopefully this will inspire others to have a go and use up their oddments of paper rather than throwing them away.

I've even turned a partial painting into a card - I added an outline to this sunflower and dotted on some tipex to liven it up


Judy said...

Great ideas!
I use this scraps of paper next to a painting to try out colours etc. But this is a much nicer idea!

rcwdesign said...

What a good idea! Cutting up the 'mistakes' and using them as tags! Thanks, Ann.
(Although I don't think any of your work could be considered a mistake! Shameless admiration showing here! LOL)

Anonymous said...

Great way of using up paper. I am enjoying your sunflower images in their various incarnations.

Ann's Art said...

Thanks to all of you for your feedback. Glad the idea will spread.

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