Thursday, 26 November 2015

Visiting Tintagel

After our trip to Dartmoor we then went
 to Cornwall

We stayed at 
The Mill House Inn, Trebarwith 
near Tintagel
(click link)

and if any of you saw William's blog then you
will recognise one of the little houses he fell in love with!!!
photo capture from above video

The Hotel has obviously undergone a revamp over the past few years.
We assumed (although not confirmed) that it has been 'done up'
to suit the London yuppie 'hoo ray henry'  types!!!   Very TWEE

Breakfast was good but why the heck
my scrambled eggs had to be served on a piece of slate I'll never know!
Did they run out of plates I wonder?
No...probably not, this seems to be a 'fashion'
going on in the catering industry lately and I wish
for  *~*!  sake they would return to good old fashioned PLATES

the scrambled eggs with salmon was tasty though.

As we were near

TINTAGEL Click link

we went visited the Camelot Castle Hotel
to take a look at their Art Exhibition

The current artist in residence is

 Ted Stourton
(click link)

Thanks to a kindly receptionist I took some photos of the art
to show you.

Some of the frames were Very ornate!

and the art extended to outside on this car

 Glad a helicopter didn't need to use the helipad!

Personally some of the art wasn't my taste, but then that's
art for you.

and anyway who am I to talk....

Monday, 23 November 2015


You have probably heard of Boscastle, the place that had the horrendous flooding back in 2004!   Is it really that long ago, I can't get my head around that, time must have flown by as quickly as that river flooded...

Well, anyway it was good to visit and see there was virtually  no sign of it having flooded, or will again we hope, especially as it was pouring with rain when we were there.  Didn't dampen our look around though.

And on down to the mouth of the river and harbour...with it's one fishing boat, well on this occasion

the locals seems to be happy!

(this is actually a sculpture model of an old guy)

William wasn't sure about him though...

....and, of course, I stopped to look in at this Art studio

Well worth a visit to BOSCASTLE

Sunday, 22 November 2015

An unusual Library

We came across something different, not totally unique (I have heard of these before in other places), but a great use for an old phone box...

You turn it into a


We came across this on Dartmoor.

What a brilliant idea for locals and visitors to make use of
second-hand books

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Two river walks

 One was on a muddy river bank, well only as the tidal river was low

Looking across the river from Saltram Beach toward Plymouth

but walking in the other direction it seemed much cleaner, lots of seaweed though.

Misty in the distance - that's Dartmoor way off there.

It was a nice walk down to this river via Saltram House, which we glimpsed ...

The second river walk was on Dartmoor 


sadly in parts the riverbank had collapsed


Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Sketch challenge

A personal challenge that's for sure. 

There I am, sitting in the car waiting for husband to shop. So I decide to use the time sketching the cars etc - and guess what - EVERY TIME I get underway a driver decides to move the Very car I'm sketching!  How is that possible! 

So if you need help Any Time getting a car moved, then call on me, I'll pop along and start sketching it.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Warning - A horrible photo of me


This wasn't the only Warning that day recently down in Beer Devon 
(an appropriate place as we were in a Beer Garden at the time)

the pub had a sign outside Warning customers

GANGS in the area....


Monday, 9 November 2015


This was something I didn't expect to see on a slope next to a very large supermarket the other week.

A Mosaic

So I took some photos to show you...

The trouble was the little plaque was very worn
and had lost some of the information about it,
so I have no idea what this was about.

I tried google but no luck for information about this, however,
street view has provided the scene

spin the scene around and you'll see the car park 
(I knew you would love looking at a car park).

 ~ Have a great week all ~

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Bonfire Night goes with a bang!

....and it was another great display

Preparations started a few weeks back when palettes of wood were delivered

and we wondered what they would build this year.

Turned out to be a train

With heavy rain during the day we weren't sure it would go ahead,
but the rain eased off for it

and the bonfire was still smouldering 
the next morning

 ~ Another Bonfire night success ~