Friday, 26 February 2016

Red Squirrel

Husband recently captured this photo of a giant red squirrel....

Saturday, 20 February 2016


Just goes to show doesn't it. Even when a paint splodge ends up on kitchen looked like a flower - I just added a few lines for the stem!

- this next one I did a while back from our garden en plein air,
but thought I would share here....

and also with this one...

Friday, 19 February 2016

Down the hill to the beach

A walk we haven't done for some time....
across the hills

and finding the recent storms have brought down a tree

heading on down to the beach
we spied something different

appeared to be a pile of large Lego pieces!

and indeed they really did look like grown up Lego -

placed to protect the chalets

Hope this works for them

I suppose they could always use this to help hold it up!!!

and a close up - amazing texture don't you think.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Another bite sized blog post...

The Whitsand Bay Hotel, Portwrinkle!
(click the link)

This photo was from the hotel...not a bad view is it!

and this is from Street View...the Hotel is the large building top left...and check out the name of the road....Finnygook Lane.  Can you imagine being asked where you live and saying "Finnygook Lane, Portwrinkle" - only the people living there would believe you!

The Hotel had many great features, one was this stained glass window on the's a little bit of history about the hotel

and this is Emma the resident labrador.  She was so sweet, and liked a fuss made every time we walked by - and William didn't mind at all, he just wanted to get out for his walks.....

....and the walks were good. A small beach down the road was enjoyed....

 ~ We will definitely be going back one day ~

Friday, 12 February 2016

Visiting Cornwall

We've had another break for a few day.  This time going down to Cornwall and an area we haven't really stopped at before.  Our hotel break was at the Whitsand Bay Hotel, Torpoint.  A lovely location.....

where a certain lurcher enjoyed his stay

and fun on a different beach

To be honest, I wasn't sure whether to add all the Cornwall pictures
to one post...but thought it would go on too long

so I have decided to do bite sized posts.

Starting with our walk at

Rame Head

 (click here to read about the NCI at Rame Head)

....and walked across the fields and moorland - with Dartmoor ponies doing a good job grazing down the vegetation - they took no notice of us, they were too busy munching.

and on across towards the former chapel on the hill
(click the link about Rame Head and the chapel)

the views were stunning, even on an overcast day

~ the view to the west ~

~ and the view to the east ~

 there had obviously been a first floor to this building, going on the recesses in the walls

(how did William get into this blog - again!!)

Heading back up to the coastguard base

 and the dartmoor's were ahead of us

lovely ponies

 we thoroughly enjoyed our walk
and it was good exercise too.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Visiting Bath

Even on a wet day, it was nice to visit Bath

On this occasion I took the opportunity to visit the Abbey

This next photo is of grills running around the flooring....fancy isn't it

~ looking forward to another visit here one day ~