Friday, 23 September 2016

The other day we drove over to Dunster and had a look around the castle again...

National Trust Dunster Castle (click link)

sorry if some of these pictures are repeated from a previous post I did, but just had to take these pics as I wandered around...

this is one of two lamp stands in the main hall, they are each side of the fireplace.  When I took the second photo from a wider view, sadly the light from the lamps shone too much, but I hope you get the idea of the scale of these

(see, it all went a bit fuzzy)

didn't take photos of every room, but I thought this bedroom was lovely....

 and how is this for a snooker table

and the Library, where I was able to sit for a few minutes and sketch.  You see the blue wallpaper - it's referred to as Cordelova (click link)

This time I took photos of one of the kitchens.  Compared to the rest of the property which is old, this was very modern (well, for it's time - the 1950's)  It was decided by the National Trust to show the public this and I'm so glad they opened it up instead of shutting it away.

 who remembers formica folding tables?!

the radio on the left was playing appropriate music for the era too and I took a small video of the room

It was a good view from the kitchen sink.  In fact another visitor commented on it, but I rather burst her bubble on that one - she said how lovely it would be to have a view whilst washing up, I pointed out that if you were washing up, you would be too busy with the dishes to look at the view.  She was a little up herself about that and remarked that she had a dishwasher anyway and she made off fairly promptly, lol.

This was the conservatory on the way out...lovely

 A walk around the gardens was a must....I LOVE this bridge


another bridge

It wouldn't be a trip out if I didn't do some sketches

 Tonal sketches really aren't about detail, they are about tones
and from these I'll be able to do some paintings

 and then we stopped in nearby Minehead, 
I sketched

 and the lads

Yes, we all had a good day out.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Another spot of en plein air painting

The weather turned out lovely for a couple of days, so I took the opportunity to do some more en plein air painting.

This time I went to Barricane Beach Woolacombe, found some shade, perfect, and set up my easel.



 Although the sun wasn't out at first, it did make an appearance as I painted, but I was still in the shade which works well for me.

Gradually more people arrived, but it still didn't feel crowded down there.

 Whilst I waited for a layer of paint to dry I watched the surfers in the distance (here I've zoomed in) didn't catch a photo with them on a wave, but it was fun to watch.

I set myself an hour and a half to paint, but drying time was longer, so had to finish the painting in my home studio.

 Guess who turned up to meet me when I was ready to leave....
(with Graham of course)

(William would have stayed there)

This is the completed painting


 Now Listed on my Etsy shop - 

Friday, 9 September 2016

New paintings

A little inspiration goes a long way.  Painting courses definitely inspire and it's good to become the student again.

Here are some recent paintings which I will be putting onto my Etsy shop in the next few days.

All of these are large paintings, not the small miniatures.

"The Tudor Farmhouse"

"White Cottage" - This was from a sketch of a cottage in Devon. 
(being watched by a deer in a nearby field at the time - not included in the painting though)

This is already listed :

 "Across the Fields"
9½" x 15" (24.13 x 38.1cm)