Monday, 3 April 2017


Another National Trust
(we enjoy these properties, had you guessed)

a Victorian Gothic house

We have been here before, but since our last visit
they have done some decorating on the building
- the downpipes for one thing.
Thought this was out of keeping really and emphasises a
not so attractive feature, but hey, such is the decision.

Thought the creamy/yellow paint looked better around these windows...

and now for some pictures from 
This is one very ornate doorway

This table and chairs in the next photo were a 'Set'.
Tyntesfield was used for a TV program 'Sherlock' ?? think I'm right on that.

Anyway, they left this staged setup for visitors to see the
actual room where a scene was filmed.
(can you guess that was completely lost on me!!!) 

I much preferred seeing this fancy light above the billiard table

and clearly another visitor thought the same, lol.

No, they didn't have 'blinds' at the windows back in the day. These are used throughout the National Trust properties to restrict the light damaging objects in the rooms.

Tyntesfield has its own church attached to the main house

and finally the walk around Tyntesfield was over
- I head back to the car after one last photo looking over towards Weston-super-Mare.


Shammickite said...

Thank goodness I don't have to do the dusting.

Marie Smith said...

Imagine the cost of up-keep on that place today! That chapel is lovely!

ann @ studiohyde said...

My thoughts exactly!

ann @ studiohyde said...

I know, which is why the National Trust rely on their Membership etc. The people who donated these buildings to the Trust knew they would be looked after. This is why I enjoy volunteering at our local property, Arlington Court, it makes me feel that, if only in a small way, I am contributing somehow. In fact I will be doing a blog post soon about Arlington Court and my volunteering, I've a new role over there from now on and feeling very excited about it.

CJ Kennedy said...

The house must be having problems with rain if they had to add downspouts. Not very attractive but necessary, I suppose. Still, it's a spectacular house. All that beautiful carved wood. I was especially taken with the roll top desk and the wooden spires. Even the furniture fits the architecture. I'm not much on wallpaper but I do love the pattern on the wall behind the roll top desk. Thanks for the tour.

robin cox walsh said...

Makes me wonder who is in charge of the decorating and choosing paint colors??? I thought they needed to be 'period'. Ah, well, still a lovely visit. Thanks! :D

ann @ studiohyde said...

I think work is always ongoing for them, it must be mind boggling! Glad you enjoyed the tour 🙂

ann @ studiohyde said...

I thought the same, but it might have been a colour that was originally used there. The Trust try to replicate things if they can. Next time we visit I'm going to ask.

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