Thursday, 14 June 2018

Isle of Portland, Dorset

During our recent trip away,
I got to ride my bike a few times.

One long ride was from Dorchester to Weymouth

with gorgeous views to enjoy worth doing that trail

on another occasion I rode from Weymouth to Portland

Met up with husband and William, where we then walked around the seafront
(you may have seen William's blogpost today about Portland)

Cormorant drying his wings.  He was like that for ages.

As you see, it was a lovely place to visit

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Christine said...

So lovely and peaceful there.

Eileen said...

Lovely photos and I'm sure your bike rides were most enjoyable in the lovely sunshine.

ann @ studiohyde said...

Made for a lovely outing 🙂

ann @ studiohyde said...

It was a lovely ride. I’m finding the bike so worth having, we get to see more, rather than passing quick in the car 🙂

Judy Barends said...

Looks like a great route for cycling! Beautiful views! I agree, on a bike you see so much more than from a car!

robin cox walsh said...

So pretty! :D
We have Cormorants here too....when the boys were little they called them the 'pits to the wind' birds.....(as in

ann @ studiohyde said...

When we go back that way, I will definitely do this ride again 🙂

ann @ studiohyde said...

Haha...what a brilliant name for them 😆

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