Tuesday, 11 December 2018

New listings on my Etsy shop

Two Miniature ACEO paintings
                          Art & Collectables

also listed are Two larger artworks

This one of William on the beach
measures  12" x 9" inches (approx. 30.48 x 22.86cm) 
and is painted on heavy watercolour paper 140lb. rough

In a Quiet Harbour
measures 14" x 10" inches (approx. 35.56 x 25.4cm) 
This Mixed Media piece is also on heavy watercolour paper 140lb 



Shammickite said...

Hi Ann: I'm glad to see you can post on blogger again, but are you still having trouble with commenting on other blogs? I finally got the cheque for the painting I sold, woohoo, I'm so happy! I've been making ATCs (Artist Trading Cards 3.5"x2.5") we are going to have a ATC swap at my art group. Will post some pics.

Christine said...

These are lovely!

robin cox walsh said...

They are all lovely....I don't know how you can give the one of William up! ;)

Eileen said...

They are lovely Ann. I will put visiting your Etsy shop on my things to do list :)

ann @ studiohyde said...

Still having problems with Comments (that’s ME putting comments/my responses) - fortunately readers Comments go on ok. I’m achieving it this time as doing this through/via my iphone.

Good that you got your cheque for the art you Sold. Always a relief that. Looking forward to seeing your ATC work 🙂

ann @ studiohyde said...

Thanks Christine 🙂

ann @ studiohyde said...

I think it’s because I feel that someone can enjoy seeing William. Plus it encourages me to paint another this large at some time 🙂

ann @ studiohyde said...

That’s nice to know Eileen - it’s very encouraging when visitors to the etsy shop get to see up to date work 🙂

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