Friday, 24 January 2020

The mixed weather in Cornwall

Following on from my previous posts, here's another look at the weather.....the one thing we are good at in the UK is talking about the weather isn't it.

Having time to explore, we went to Praa Sands

but the weather was not totally on our side

the waves were really crashing on those rocks

I did have a moment when I thought, should I be standing here!

some properties were under threat and would likely be lost eventually...

the boulders and rocks put there would have helped a bit, but not totally...sadly

The weather improved a couple of days later, so we went back and walked the other part of the beach...

reading this, but it has suffered from weather erosion...

The Beach Tree
Once I stood so proud above the sea
Majestic, green and proud to be
The tallest magnificent old garden tree

I watched for months as the storms got stronger
Until my roots could hold no longer
Day by day more cliff gave away
I was moving closer towards the bay

I rocked and swayed like never before
I could feel myself heading towards the shore
The garden I left was to be no more

In came the wave that crashed overhead
And down I slid towards the sea bed
Refusing to fall I ended upright
The sand round my roots wedging me in so tight

Touching the cliff I held on so hard
Now here's where I stand still proud but scarred
My bark has come off and my leaves have all gone

But I am again that proud tree that is still hanging on

There were a few Portuguese man o'war, so we were careful to keep William away from them

Glad we got to have a good walk in the sunshine after all that stormy weather



Marie Smith said...

Starkly beautiful. There is so much erosion here as well.

Someone gave the tree a new life with that poem. Wonderful!

robin cox walsh said...

The beach is the most beautiful during a storm! (IMHO) I used to love to watch the huge waves crashing to shore on Jones Beach. (Well know for it's large waves, but during a storm they were even bigger) :)

Eileen said...

It's scary how fast our coastline is eroding! That tree on the beach is amazing to landed upright like that and what a wonderful poem. Best for all of you to give those Portuguese men o' war a wide berth! At least the weather finally improved for the remainder of your holiday.

ann @ studiohyde said... certainly scary how erosion is happening along the coastlines.

Robin....Must be wonderful to watch those huge waves. they can be mesmerising.

Eileen....Certainly is concerning with how the coast is changing. Those Portuguese men o'war are the weirdest little things. At Praa Sands, there were loads of them along the slip road down to the beach, I guess blown up there with the winds.

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