Friday, 3 July 2020

A porch project

This painting, isn't actually on canvas, art board or's actually on a rough piece of hardboard attached to our letter box.  For a while now the blank white hardboard has stared at me, til finally the other day I decided to deal with it.   From inspiration of Irish Artist Roisin O'ffarrell  - I used my own interpretation of a welly boot painting, using Oil paint and palette knife.

● The wellies were our daughter Lil's (who spends her life in wellies)
 I do love it when she gets the Joules ones though, I get to keep the box they are sold in, it's always such a lovely happy design, which I repurpose for my paints....
yes, I really did say I am happy with an empty box!

● The door colour is taken from the paintwork on our house

• The flowers were quick twirls with a palette knife, so please don't try to identify them..they only exist in my head!

 Now that blank space under our letter box has something in it AT LAST!

Job done 


Eileen said...

That is a fantastic idea and looks great. I like nice empty boxes too so nothing strange about that :)
There is a garage door a couple of miles away that has a painting of a campervan on it and I love that too.

robin cox walsh said...

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together! Brilliant! Well done! :D

ann @ studiohyde said...

Thanks Eileen, I enjoyed this little project - very satisfying to have something in that blank space at last :) Now why did I think you would like somebody's garage door with a campervan on it! 🤣 (I'll try not to over think the idea, our plain white garage door is sitting here ... waiting!!!) 😳

Robin....Absolutely 💃💃💃

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