Tuesday, 21 July 2020

A walk on Holdstone Down

We had intended to drive down to Hunter's Inn the other day, 
but when we got as far as Trentishoe
we were faced with 
a sign to say Road Closed

Thinking 'outside the box' we turned at the junction on the left and followed the road up there, intending to outwit the system and turn right at the top of the hill, then make our way back down to Hunter's Inn.....but no, there was Another sign to say Road Closed.  Seemed like they didn't want anyone visiting Hunter's Inn, so we opted to stop at

Holdstone Down instead.

Nobody else about when we arrived, and being able to park easily in this pull-in and walk up the hill to the Triangulation Station at the top - well worth the walk for the view

and William had a good time too.

I took a short video of the 360° view
~ click the picture below to see ~ 


robin cox walsh said...

I LOVE a breeze! LOL And what a view! Thanks for sharing. :)

ann @ studiohyde said...

Robin....it was very bracing but worth it :)

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