Sunday, 15 May 2022

Mixing Black

Artists say, don’t use ready made black, and to an extent I agree.  It can make a painting look very flat and dull.  On occasion though, I do use the manufactured blacks, be it in watercolours, acrylics or oils.  These days I’m mostly using oils, and when black is needed quickly, I do use the shop bought one, however, I add other colours to it.  This lifts the flatness of the ready made variety, so I can manipulate it according to what is needed.  

This is in no way as good as mixing the colour from scratch.  Go to colours for me are :

Version 1:

Ultramarine Blue+Burnt Sienna (or Burnt Umber),

and also

Version 2:

Veridian Green+Alizarin Crimson

Here’s a short clip of mixing these.  You’ll see there is White on the palette, this is to check the tones, too much Alizarin or Viridian and it shows up on the white, then I can adjust the mix for a good tone black. Take a look, click the pic below......


robin cox walsh said...

Thanks for the tip! :)

ann @ studiohyde said...

You're very welcome Robin 🙂🎨🖌