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Monday, 25 April 2011


I love painting flowers.  Not the botanical sort, and wow do I applaud the artists who put that amount of work into their art.  For me though I really like filling my brush with paint, in this case my Kolinsky Round No. 10.   I found a great reference photograph on Ann Buckner's  blog  dated Friday April 22nd - do check out her blog it's full of wonderful paintings. 

This is the first wash which I left to dry completely

Then a slightly darker wash
You'll notice that the paint has 'bloomed', no pun intended!
(some call it a cauliflower - personally I quite like the effect)

Of course I can never leave well alone and decided to put a pen outline around the whole flower.  
Anyway,  I quite like this too.

and a close up for good measure.
Quite by chance it looks as though a leaf has grown through a petal -
a complete accident that seems to work 
which shows we should allow the paint to do its thing sometimes.

Thank you Ann for being happy for me to use your photo.


  1. This is the way I like to paint too! Lovely irises!

  2. The art is creating a vision to share. Photos work fine for perfection.

    I love your iris, Ann. It's perfection in itself.


  3. Just yummy! Love the colours, and love the spontaneous feel of the "cauliflower" bits. :) Irises are a favourite flower of mine, and this one is just gorgeous.

  4. Thanks Barb and Nicole for your encouraging comments:)

  5. You painted it beautifully, Ann. I like the ink you added.

  6. Thank you Ann. Glad you like it.


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