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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

A Little Fishy

Teri Casper, over at Twenty Minute Challenge, added a post yesterday referring to fishing.  That set me off thinking about fish and as I had some spare paint in my palette (I hate wasting paint) I decided to use it up.

I started with the fish itself, loaded my brush with a mix of Quin. Gold and (little tiny amount of Burnt Sienna) and made the initial shape.  When that was dry I added a slightly darker mix and then used up my Prussian Blue and a bit of Ultramarine Blue, that was just enough with clear water - after all it is a fish!,  and the result:

Twenty Minute Challenge completed!

- Thanks Teri for giving me the inspiration -


  1. Ann that is really beautiful!! Very well done. :)))

  2. Wonderful! I do so admire your style!

  3. Lovely little fishy :) xx

  4. Love the fish, the white open areas really give him/her? form. Nice job in a short time.


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