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Monday, 24 October 2011

Ramblings with my sketchbook

I thought I would just take time out to share with you some of the sketches in one of my travel sketchbooks.  I use this little sketchbook (by the way it's about 4" x 6" - that's about 10cm x 15cm so it is quite small).  I call it my Travel Sketchbook as usually I leave it in the car so when I go out forgetting my usual sketchbooks and paints, I have at least got something to grab

the paper quality isn't the finest I have ever come across, but at least it is a sketchbook

the opportunity to sit and watch people gives me the chance to very often sit unobserved from a suitable vantage point.  It's lovely being able to do this, especially as people relax when they don't realise they are being drawn - I always fear being told to mind my own business or 'how dare you draw me', but as yet that hasn't happened......thank goodness!

which actually leads on to the fact that when I am in the car, it means I am in my own space and people leave you alone for sure

my Uniball pen comes in very handy as sometimes I don't go in with a pencil first.  The top figure was a chap just resting on his elbow - as usual people move about and he left before I could finish him...doh!  Whereas the lady with sunglasses (I think she realised what I was doing!) stayed in position a bit longer.

as with this lady passing the car.....

and before going shopping I took time to sketch this view - regardless of the industrial building and the car park, there were fields in the distance

and on another occasion this couple with their romantic gesture...

no I wasn't intruding,  there were loads of people about....but it did make a lovely scene especially on a picturesque little bridge!

So there you have it, a glimpse into some of my sketches
in my very small sketchbook


  1. Ann, this is so lovely to have a peek in your sketchbook! I love the last two, the carpark and the fields in the distance, and the romantic scene on the bridge!
    BTW, Internet Explorer has figured out how to display three columns! Yey!!

  2. very good ones...keep it up!

  3. thanks for the glimpse - I actually think the little cars look happy - must be being near a field! :)

  4. You have a gift for making the ordinary look enchanting...which of is!

  5. Thank you ALL for stopping by and I am really glad you enjoy seeing my Sketchbook - I can't tell you how it makes me feel that I can share my work like this.....

  6. I’m still charmed by the little cars! They’re sooo cute! Thanks for the peek into your journal.

  7. It's beautiful Ann. So inspiring. Thank you for sharing. xx

  8. Your sketches are really great. I have yet to go out and do this. I live in a small town but we drive into the city a lot so I need to plan to do it sometime soon. Thanks for sharing.


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