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Monday, 17 October 2011

Sketchbook Project 2012

I'm gradually working my way through this Project.....slowly, but getting there.   I must admit it was a bit daunting to start with, but gradually I have decided on the various pages and with each page it's enabled me to go naturally on to the next.  If you haven't noticed I'm working my way around a specific area in North Devon. I started out here in Woolacombe, then to Mortehoe, Lee Bay and over to Ilfracombe.  Today I'm going to show you Combe Martin - 2 double pages no less!!

For my next page I'll be travelling inland to South Molton 

a thriving market town

 my paintbrush and pen are poised!!


  1. Morning Ann! Interesting read and lovely sketches! Your sketchbook is going to be a wonderful document of your surroundings!

  2. Morning Judy....yes, I hope this little book will show a bit of what it is like around this neck of the woods!

  3. Two more great pages! Makes me want to drop in and have a drink at the Pack O’ Cards!

  4. Fabulous entry. Great memento of life in the area!

  5. I love this idea Ann. What a great way to record your life! And your sketches are lovely in their simplicity. :)

  6. Soon we may use your sketchbook to visit the neighborhood. This is beautifully painted Ann.

  7. I really love seeing your part of the world this way...and the map drawn into the painting is way cool.

  8. Thanks Robin - I'll reserve a glass of wine for you!

    Thanks Pat - I'm going to photograph the whole sketchbook when it is finished and give it a Page on my blog (well that's the theory anyway).

    Thanks Crystal - Glad you like it....this far anyway.

    Thanks Renske - It would be so great if someone did actually use it like a Tour Guide...

    Thanks Annie - So glad you like seeing these pages, I came up with the idea of the map because I tried to imagine if I were looking at the book with no idea where these places are...and that's why I chose the map.

  9. Your journal is looking great!


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