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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Sketchbook Skool

So pleased I joined Sketchbook Skool
even though I am being taken out of my comfort zone!

We are now drawing faces - ourselves - me - Yikes! Shocker

I am not a portrait person
no way

but the challenge is worth it
(and oh is it a challenge!!)

(the exercise in class is to
look at myself in a mirror or take a snapshot,
then do a sketch -
and where did the turkey neck come from!!!)  lol.


  1. I hear ya'! Both the selfie challenge and the chicken neck! (at least you only have one......;) )

  2. Exciting to try new things! Good start!

    1. Thanks Judy, going out of the old comfort zone isn't easy sometimes ;)

  3. That certainly presents a challenge... when drawing a self portrait, you want to put emphasis on all the good features that will make the portrait (and therefore yourself) look good, but unfortunately, all the not so good features (e.g. wrinkles, lumps, bumps, hairy bits etc etc) seem to be brought to the fore in the photo!!! Good luck!

    1. Lol, I know, it really is a Challenge!! ;)

    2. I just had a new passport photo done..... no more to be said!

    3. LOL, they say the camera never lies...but with passport photos they definitely do! ;)

  4. You know what's worse? Your driver license photo. I swear they make you look like convicts. Lol
    I hate doing selfies..:)


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