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Thursday, 11 June 2015

From Wales to Stratford....

....but first we stopped en route at a National Trust property - Berrington Hall near Leominster. (click link)...

Well worth the stop too and, of course, I took lots of pics...

The stairway was so well lit....with natural light from this wonderful dome of glass.  Apparently it's the ORIGINAL GLASS...can you believe check out the National Trust website link here  about the history of this here...

Even the servant's quarters and laundry were interesting....check out these rails that pulled in and out
on a track....especially to dry the laundry....

here they are in the closed position...

....and the hub of it all, where the heat came from...

 and so on round to the gardens....

this wisteria was just going over, but still looked impressive

There were so many aspects to this visit, I could have kept going with photos, 
but they will have to be taken on another visit.

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  1. Beautiful house! But I am glad I wasn't a servant in those days... doing the laundry took a lot of work. Wow, that wisteria is stunning.

    1. Yes, they really were servants in those days!

  2. Beautiful gardens! I always find the servants quarters to be much more interesting than the rest of the house too. ;)

    1. So do I, and glad they open these areas up for people to see. They 'set' them up so well too.

  3. What a wonderful house. I'm fascinated by "downstairs" and how servants worked. Would you believe I remember my grandma's old dolly tub, washboard and mangle. She used to put little dolly blue bags in with the whites although I am talking about industrial Lancashire here, so nothing was really white. I remember she had a clothes rail in the kitchen on a pulley which hung from the ceiling above a coal fired cooking range :)

    1. I remember some of those things too, from grandparents and family....I kept looking at these things in the Servants section and thinking ...'I remember that, and that'...good memories aye ;)


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