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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Ewes & lambs Dartmoor

We got held up a bit last week on our drive across Dartmoor -

there were ewes and lambs moving to their new field.

Not that they were having to move far, just up the road, but bless them, 
the lambs are slow and the ewes kept waiting for their little ones.
We stopped next to the farmer in order to give them all a chance to move without hassle.

Other cars realised and stopped behind us,
except for one bone-head who had to overtake and drive on through,
but then there is always one - I didn't video that though.


  1. I love the scenes when everything stops for the animals.

  2. what a sweet video! Awful to have those 'boneheads' around.

  3. How adorable! Yeah, there's always one bonehead! :(

  4. Lovely to see the lambs running to Mum. Bone-head is the word for that driver, must have scared the sheep, what an idiot! We have noticed that people are so impatient these days!

  5. Thanks Christine, Robin and Eileen :-)

  6. Lovely to see the lambs with their mothers. There seem to be lots of singletons. Around here there are twins on most of the ewes. Maybe it`s easier to raise just one lamb out on the rough grazing of the moor?

    1. That could well be so DW, they certainly are a hardy looking flock.


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