Saturday, 28 May 2011

Wild Strawberries

I thought it was too early for wild strawberries but apparently not.  We have seen a lot of them on our local walks.  To start with we only noticed the flowers

and then all of a sudden the fruit appeared.  VERY small though

I took this photo so you can compare the size against my hand
(although, of course, it could be a normal sized strawberry with a giant hand!)

The bright red spot in the centre of the picture is a strawberry!  When they are hidden amongst leaves they are difficult to see but generally the bright red shows up, as we all know the eye goes straight to red.
This was something John Constable knew all too well as he would always put a spot of red 'somewhere' in his paintings

It's rather nice to see fruit growing in the wild and on a sunnier day I got a good close up

In this photo you can see the strawberries that have yet to ripen

I have done one or two sketches of them in my studio, some of which didn't turn out too well.  I'm not going to pretend that every sketch or painting works out well, I have as many 'for the bin' paintings as the next person -

These two are going in the bin

but this next one I quite liked

and this one

Oh...and we sampled a couple whilst on our walk....they tasted just like strawberries!


rcwdesign said...

Lovely sketches! I even like the ones destined for the ‘bin’! (Giant hand, LOL! Thanks for the chuckle!)

Ann's Art said...

Thanks Robin, glad you had a chuckle....the world needs more of that!

Kathy Walker said...

The strawberries look yummy and I enjoyed looking at your paintings of them. I haven't seen any wild ones on my walks, but then maybe I am missing them they are so small -

Judy said...

Lovely sketches Ann! I have them in my garden, in a wild part. They spread like crazy, but they taste good!

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