Monday, 30 May 2016

The final National Trust property on our recent trip...

(which now seems like ages ago, but then I guess I have been slow adding these posts)....

anyway...I have quite a few photos here of



a building that had a different face on the other side - two faced perhaps?

(I preferred this side)

Whilst I went off  to the house,
husband and William took a walk across the fields....

and I wandered through the gardens to the main house...



 various additional buildings around the estate before
getting to the main building...

 ...and ongoing work in the gardens.
This lady was busy weeding...they don't use pesticides to kill off weeds,
so it is a bit labour intensive - she could be there a while!

 (I actually got to play that piano)


 as with other National Trust properties these days,
there was ongoing cleaning work.  
I reiterate that it is nice to see this, 
makes it all less 'staged' when you see the
practical side of the NT work

  and in the servants quarters, they still had the bells that summoned the staff.
...and how did the staff know which Room wanted them?
You see the little 'dangly' bit under the bell, well when they were summoned,
that 'dangly' bit would be swinging, hence they knew which Room to go to.


Another enjoyable visit although
 my least favourite NT house, but none the less it was good visiting.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Before I do a blog post about the final National Trust property we visited on this trip...

I want to say where we stayed.  Anyone travelling to South Oxfordshire may like to keep this hotel, and area for that matter, in mind.  

SHILLINGFORD  - or more precisely Shillingford Bridge Hotel (click link) is right next to the Thames. 

 Apart from travelling around in the car to various places,
we did enjoy our walks along the riverbank.



Believe it or not, this field was next to the river, although it looks inland.
We made our way around this field eventually and back to the hotel
There must have been over 1,000 trees planted here






The nearby town of Wallingford was also well worth a visit, 
although we couldn't help but wander along the riverbank

One careful owner perhaps?
(Careless more like, I don't think this is going anywhere fast)

The area and the Hotel
are DEFINITELY on our return to list