Thursday, 13 October 2016

Dinefwr House National Trust

Having walked across the parkland and up the hill to the castle ruin, we then wandered back to the house may have spotted it in my previous post, peeping through the trees in the distance...

Dinefwr House

Even when we have been to these National Trust properties before, it is still nice to take another look around.  You can't see everything in one visit, so it makes sense to look around again...(if you want to see our previous visit then click here: 24th June 2014 and 26th June 2014 )

On this occasion I ventured down into the basement, which has been set out as it would have been in the day - the side of life that the servants saw.

(sorry about the fuzzy picture.  This is the wine cellar, although I don't think the servants would have had personal access to this)

and the family silver was locked away in a large walk in safe..

they did have the luxury of a bath though..

I took a short video of one room downstairs, with a clock ticking on the mantelpiece.  It was just like someone living there had just stepped out of the room.  The video continues as I emerged at the top of the stairs to the main house.


robin cox walsh said...

It always amazes me the detail in the ceilings in the historic homes! How often do people look up? :-/

ann @ studiohyde said...

I know, the designs are many and varied in some of these big houses!

Eileen said...

L love stepping back in time. It's a lovely house and you're right about the ticking clock, a nice touch.

ann @ studiohyde said...

It was all staged really well there - another property on our repeat list :)

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