Friday, 25 November 2016

Sunday, 20 November 2016

New on my Etsy shop...

To start with I have done a painting from my previous post photo...

what doesn't show in the photograph were the ponies wandering about (as they do in the New Forest)
so I took artistic license and added them in my painting

Now added this to my Etsy shop,
impressionist/contemporary, and for me holds the feeling of the day when I took the photo.

and now onto some additional paintings added to my shop

All Original watercolours
aceo (Art Card Editions & Originals - miniature artworks)

plus this Contemporary painting is titled: "Running Wild"
a little larger than the aceo's at
7.5 x 5 inches

Catch up with new updates
on my
Etsy shop

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Stoney Cross

Learnt to drive here...when I was 10, off roading on a former airfield.  

now all grass.  Think this will be a painting soon.

Monday, 14 November 2016

The Gloucestershire countryside

We stopped off recently in Gloucestershire and needless to say this view ended up as a sketch in my travel sketchbook...

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Sketchbook bits and pieces

On a recently trip to the midlands I didn't have a lot of time for drawing (although I took photos to make up for it).  That said, I can never go too long without doing something in the way of art, be it doodles or quick sketches and here's three I did during our trip -

Graham didn't know I was sketching him!

Okay - a lamp isn't that interesting, but it gave me the chance to paint!

....and when I had a graphite pencil in my hand, I just did this one
off the top of my head, experimenting with an eraser which
I used to take out the sunlight

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Packwood House

Firstly I have to add this looked so sweet across the fields.

PACKWOOD HOUSE (click link)

At this time of year, this particular National Trust property
is open during the week, but by guided tour.
That's okay, it is nice to actually have someone explain the
various rooms of the house as we walked around

...and even National Trust properties have to do work at some time.  The end of the season like it is now is an ideal opportunity with not so many visitors about

I don't know if you can work out the time on this sundial.  
The shadow shows it as half past one,
when I checked my watch it was correct
- they must have moved the numbers around to 
allow for the clocks going back recently! 

QUEEN MARY visited Packwood House and actually sat on this chair.
(Hopefully the pinecone wasn't there at the time)!!!

The guide told us that Queen Mary took a liking to china and as was her privilege/status (call it want you like) she 'took a fancy to this china cup she was using and so it was given to her as a gift'
(and this is the Actual cup she used)
so how is it here....
The owners of the house at the time pulled a fast one on her,
and 'swapped' the cups, giving her another one from the set,
so they got to keep the one she had actually used.

This next photo is of a gallery area, difficult to tell from the angle though

When you lived in an age of no central heating, you made the most of large fireplaces

and many of the windows were ornate

right down to the catches, very unusual

this is the long hall

with a long table to fit it

Yes, Packwood House is well worth a visit.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

A place called Baddesley Clinton

Another recent trip away and we stopped off at this National Trust property. Baddesley Clinton. This time of year a lot of the National Trust properties have closed for the season, some remaining open for weekends.  We were pleased to be in an area where this one remained open during the week and so made the most of it.  I didn't expect a house with a moat though...

The front of the building was made of stonework, but the sides were brick.  The stonework made for a grand entrance and statement.