Monday, 15 July 2019

Interior painting - Arlington Court

Because of the furniture etc in the House itself at Arlington Court, I'm not able to paint a scene there in person, so I do the next best thing and take photographs and copius sketches.

As you see from this photo, there's a lot of information to get, 
so I simplified it

A few lines, down  to basic forms

Setting out colour and tones by 'blocking in'

The final painting

As with all paintings, lessons are learned and I would actually approach this painting slightly differently another time.   I intend to keep this painting to look back on in the future and see how my "Interior Paintings" progress.  I'm always wanting to move on my skill level and push myself with technique, it's all an adventure.


robin cox walsh said...

Another wonderful painting! :D

Eileen said...

Your painting looks great simplified. Very fussy wallpaper but don't tell them I said so :)

ann @ studiohyde said... are so kind :) I did learn a lot from doing this piece, mistakes made, good things also came from it, to my surprise! For me, it's one to compare in the future with whatever I come up with, who knows! lol

Eileen....I agree with you, that wallpaper is 'awful', but such is fashion and perhaps one day everyone will want to have a room filled with it like won't be us though, lol

Judy said...

I love the simplification! Great adventure, isn't it!

ann @ studiohyde said...

Judy.....and I've lots more images to try and create too. Off to Arlington again later to check out what else there is, the light will be different in the various rooms at different times of the day (and with the weather), so it could inspire me more :)

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