Sunday, 21 July 2019

Still busy with Oil paintings

Mostly using palette knife with a little brush work.  

~ Picked the cherries from our tree before the birds helped themselves ~

~ This one already has a buyer ~

 The Dining Room at Arlington Court

I have to admit, I have trouble photographing my work.  Either I'm too close and although it shows brushwork/texture it doesn't really convey what the overall painting is really like as they all look better up on a wall.

My next challenge is that having a number of these paintings to dry, where do I put them during that time?  (As you know Oil paintings can take about 3-4 weeks to be touch dry, they will then have Re-Touching Varnish applied to protect whilst still allowing them to breath and dry naturally).

So, with this challenge to hand, I asked my husband what we could make or buy to keep the paintings laying flat whilst they initially dried!   As he seems to be able to come up with something genius, the very next day he happened to go to the local Recycling Centre and came home with this...

As you see it is perfect, not only for canvas and board sizes 6" x 8" and also 10" x 8" (with an even larger one on the top), but it doesn't take up much room either AND  Each painting gets to dry on its own little shelf -

What was even better is

 this stand was FREE - win win.



CJ Kennedy said...

I enjoyed looking at your paintings, and the drying rack is perfect.

Eileen said...

What a great find, it's perfect for you, absolutely ideal. All your oil paintings are lovely, my favourite has to be the garden roller. I leave our cherries on the tree for the birds, I love to watch them helping themselves :)

robin cox walsh said...

WOW You HAVE been busy! And what a brilliant solution to your drying problem! Major Husband points for this one! :D

ann @ studiohyde said...

Thanks CJ, Eileen and onto the next batch of paintings :)

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