Saturday, 31 August 2019


I've been spotted at Arlington Court

and I wasn't aware that picture was being taken.  Small world here in Devon.  A friend of a friend, had been walking around Arlington and had taken this photo yesterday.  My friend realised it was me and messaged to tell me as it was on Facebook.   I feel very honoured that someone thought a picture of me was worthy of their own facebook post.   (When I found out, I got permission to use this photo - I love it when people are generous like that).

I am still working on that painting, it certainly has been a work in progress.

Blogpost about it coming soon.

Meanwhile, have a great weekend all.


Eileen said...

How wonderful Ann. You'll soon be famous and you deserve to be :)

robin cox walsh said...

Looks like you have a great little 'setup' there! :D

ann @ studiohyde said...'s okay when I don't realise my picture is being taken 🤣

Robin....for a change I was sitting down to paint. The weather was a bit breezy and if I'd stood with the easel higher, it would have gone over, so I opted to lower it all and sit instead. I have a folding table, for my various painting bits and pieces, so they are easy to get to instead of rummaging about to find things. 🙂

Judy said...

I love how you are all set up there on the green grass!

ann @ studiohyde said... really is an idyllic place to paint, feel so lucky to have this opportunity to paint there :)

Shammickite said...

At least that person didn't creep up behind you to have a look at what you are painting, and make you jump and put a blob where a blob doesn't belong!

ann @ studiohyde said...

Shammickite.....exactly, that was a relief 🤣

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