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Wednesday, 6 May 2020

It's beginning to feel a lot like........Groundhog Day!

Wednesday already, where has the week gone.  At least I can add another new painting to my Etsy shop (link or click my shop icon in the right-hand sidebar).

Title:  Time For Tea
Oil on canvas 12" x 12" (30x30cm)
Yes, you have seen this painting on my blog before.  But now it is completely dry and ready for somebody to have in their home

About the view:  This is The Tearoom at Clovelly in Devon

Here's a short video clip of the painting on the wall
just highlight the link then 'Go To Address' :



Eileen said...

Every day feels the same to me too, I have to check the day and date when I get up every day. That's a lovely painting Ann and I do remember it on your blog before, think I said the tea room looks very inviting.

robin cox walsh said...

Just lovely! Makes me want to walk down the lane! :D

ann @ studiohyde said...

Eileen, I felt it was time now to put some of the dried Oil paintings in my shop. I was saving them for an exhibition in September at Arlington Court, but pretty sure that won’t be going ahead. For one thing, they are rebuilding the Reception area, but that’s now on hold because of this virus. If they have another event late in the year, it might come about that I exhibit some work, I’m pressing on with paintings anyway.

Robin...you would love a walk there. I’ll meet up with you and we can have a cream tea. 🙂

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