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Thursday, 7 May 2020

Oil painting with timelapse

This Oil painting is based on a holiday rental property belonging to

here's the reference photo that inspired the painting:    
 ~ although the rental property doesn't have a very upbeat name it is a cute place - and if you click the link above, it tells you all about it ~

 I have "embellished" the scene somewhat, but then that's artistic license for you,

and I've recorded a Time-lapse of the process, which went ...

 ~ just click the image above to watch the time-lapse ~


oil on panel 5" x 7"


robin cox walsh said...

How can you work so small? You amaze me! :D

Eileen said...

I had such a shock when I clicked the link and saw the name of the cottage! It looks a lovely place to stay though. Lovely to watch your time lapse video of a beautiful painting.

ann @ studiohyde said...

Robin..... think it's just repetition and using the correct palette knife for the job ;)

Eileen....I agree, I do think they could have changed the name!

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