Monday, 25 May 2020

There's another Oil painting now on my drying-frame

(You may remember a smaller version of this which measured 10" x 8" on panel - 
that painting has a new home, when the paint is dry enough I'll be sending it out).

I felt like doing another larger version this time, so opted for a 18" x 14" on Canvas.

Each time I paint subsequent paintings of the same scene, they all turn out slightly different, but then that's what makes each of them unique.  I'm pleased with the result with this one, and as with Oil paintings, it now needs drying time.

here it is on the easel before I moved it to the drying-frame



Eileen said...

Ann that's beautiful, I feel like I could go for a paddle in the sea, it looks so inviting.

robin cox walsh said...

The reflection of the sun on the water is STUNNING! Simply beautiful! ♥♥♥♥♥

ann @ studiohyde said...

Eileen.....Thanks. I expect you remember the smaller version I did of this a few weeks back. That is doing well in the drying process, but I kept looking at it and thinking "Do another one but bigger"! ...well I just couldn't argue with myself could I 🤣

Robin... aww big THANKS 😍

Shammickite said...

I agree, this is very nice. So nice to see the ocean! I want to get my feet wet.
Our annual Art show and Sale was cancelled this year due to Covid so I haven't sold anything at all. I have load of cards made but not sure how to sell them via the internet. Any advice?

ann @ studiohyde said...

Shammickite.....I think it's a general "norm" these days with things cancelled, so upsetting. It certainly has disrupted a lot of people! It certainly is disappointing especially when you work towards these things. Certainly there are places you can sell online. As you know, I use Etsy and I would recommend you look at that. There are always questions about these things, and Etsy do have a lot of information. I'm no genius, but I manage mine okay (so it must be easy). I have to say they are very efficient. I started really slowly and small though. You learn as you go along. It's best to look at what others do and pick from them what would work for yourself, as it goes along you develop it more and more. I know there are other places for selling online, but haven't ventured into those myself. There's Fine Art America, that's a name that pops up with people selling. I found this about Etsy which might help you:
Hope this helps.....🎨

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