Saturday, 30 May 2020

Here comes the sun

I've got to add this blogpost, just to show off some great photos -

No not mine, but our daughter's photography achievements yesterday

Over the last year or more, (Lil) @EMHydephotography

has been trying to capture photos of Kingfishers

All the rivers, streams and, in fact, anywhere she could think of, or heard about, she would patiently go on a hunt.  Sometimes she would find one, but it would be way off in the distance and disappear as quickly as she saw it.  You know what kingfishers are like, little darts of colour that fly off at the speed of light.


Lil heard about a spot by the river,  and she waited  7 HOURS!

to get these

I think it was worth it don't you!

Of course, she had her little companion Hamish with her.  He enjoyed the outing and ran in the river, splashed about, met others dogs to play with and generally had a great time.  But after 7 hours, the little chap was exhausted and had a snooze whilst Lil photographed....


~ Have a good weekend all ~ 


Eileen said...

Beautiful photographs and very well done on Lil's perseverance which paid off. The photos are wonderful!
So nice to read that Hamish had a great time while he was waiting.

robin cox walsh said...

Well done Lil! Patience is the key in photography (....which is why I stink at it, lol.) These are beautiful! Worth the wait!

ann @ studiohyde said...

Hi Eileen and Robin...I've just spoken to Lil and told her your comments, she wants me to Thank You both very much ❤️

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