Tuesday, 2 June 2020

No Obstacles in my Way

This view is in Donegal Ireland with a beautiful view and house

Wouldn't you just love to live there with that view

I'm going to title this painting


8x8 box canvas

and will be listed on my Etsy shop when the paint has dried.


Eileen said...

Lovely Ann, is that somewhere you have visited? It would be so lovely to wake up to a sea view like that, as you say no obstacles in the way.

robin cox walsh said...

YES! I would LOVE to live there! (especially now......)

ann @ studiohyde said...

Eileen....so good to see your comment today, hope you’re okay. To answer your question, no we haven’t visited this part of Ireland, although some years ago we weren’t too far away from this area. I would love to go back and do a road trip, plein air painting along the way. 🎨

Robin....me too, I hear you!

sandy said...

This is beautiful and the title fits.

ann @ studiohyde said...

Thanks Sandy 🙂

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