Monday, 1 June 2020

Photo inspiration

When you look at my previous blogpost you will see, where and how, I got my inspiration for this painting


it is currently a Work-in-Progress on the easel - Oil on art board

so forgive me adding it now, but I just had to share it so far.

~ Kingfisher ~ 


robin cox walsh said...

It's lovely! You and Lil need to have a show together! I bet Arlington would be pleased to host it......when/if we ever get out of isolation that is..... :)

Eileen said...

Of course you had to paint the Kingfisher from Lil's wonderful photograph, looking really good Ann.

ann @ studiohyde said...

Robin....that's a good idea for the both of us to do a show together! At the moment Arlington remains closed :( Looks like a show will have to wait til next year though. Their Reception area, that's being rebuilt, has been put on 'hold' so won't be ready til next turn that means their make-do shop will stay in the space I would have used for an exhibition. One thing knocks onto the other and it is all at a stand-still !!! Hopefully, though Arlington will open to visitors and I'll be able to go over and do some plein air painting. I have even worked out an 'exclusion zone' so I can paint without people coming right up to me! I won't say more, as it will make a blogpost eventually with photos which could be good (and slightly funny depending on how I caption it) 🤣

Eileen... Thanks so much. I've done a bit more to the painting, but won't be adding it for a while, but have enjoyed it. thank goodness for the little photographer :)

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