Monday, 26 July 2021

Finally the flower we have waited for...

We've had an  Agave americana  cactus looking plant for  17 years now and have hoped we would get to see it flower.

When I say flower, it grows a long stalk which produces branches with a flower on the ends. The whole thing is looked upon as a flower.  Sadly, and usually, when it has 'flowered' the plant then dies.  I guess it puts so much energy into the process that it finishes it off.  However, we have got 'juniors' from it, already planted around our garden.

We were delighted when about 6 weeks ago we noticed the beginnings of a flower, but have been amazed at how fast it grows.  

It goes through an "asparagus looking phase" and is now at the "asparagus crossed with a broccoli phase".

We've taken photos along the way...

6th June :

You can only just see the lighter growth in the middle of the plant - the flower part - and going on the overall growth, we reckon in this photo the flower must have had a week of growing time.

prior to this...I had thought the plant was dying, you can see how sad the leaves are looking, but obviously it was a sign that the flower was on the way.

20th June:         This next photo shows how quickly it grows 

6th July:                   It was obviously trying to race the sun-brolly!

Onward and upward as they say....

11th July:    we had been measuring (as best we could) with a long extendable pole and in this next photo I've noted the height of the plant (I'm just to give some scale)

22nd July:  From the previous photo on the 11th, to this next photo on the 22nd, you can see how the branches have grown.  To the right, you can see one of the 'juniors'.

At this point, the plant is still growing upwards and the branches are extending, so who knows where it will be eventually.  Perhaps we should have put a warning light on it for aircraft! 

I will keep you updated on its progress, although we have given up trying to measure it - the extendable pole is too short! 


Marie Smith said...

Fascinating, Ann. I look forward to seeing it.

robin cox walsh said...

When we first moved here I noticed these plants.....I kept asking what the 'asparagus' plant was. People looked at me like I had two heads! I was never sure if they didn't know what asparagus was or if they never noticed the plants! :-/

Eileen said...

Wow, that is amazing!!

ann @ studiohyde said...

Marie…. We keep an eye on it and wonder what it will do. Still looking good and strong and tapering well. 🙂

Eileen… people are starting to notice it. .. 😵‍💫…not sure whether to be pleased or embarrassed 😳🤣

ann @ studiohyde said...

Robin....Oh the glorious vindication I need, someone else has the same brainset - You. 😂💃

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