Saturday, 16 October 2021

Part 1 video on my youtube channel

Okay, so if you want to sit back and see this video, I suggest you make a cuppa - put your feet up and hope you'll enjoy.   

I managed to (not only remember to video) but set up my iPhone and record my painting process at Arlington Court the other day.  A challenge in itself, as I kept getting interrupted by visitors - but not complaining, that's what it is all about - visitors enjoy seeing something different and an artist at work often brings people to a stand still - they chat and hopefully I impart some useful painting info to them.  

....(as ever, click the image below ↴ - it all begins with a blank canvas)

Now to wait for this - part 1 - of the process to dry


robin cox walsh said...

Your paintings invite people to walk straight into them! I could see myself having a picnic right there! Just lovely! ❤️❤️❤️

Eileen said...

I'm sure the visitors are fascinated watching you paint, You certainly will have made their visit memorable.

ann @ studiohyde said...

Robin…..and I’ve seen many people having picnics there, all enjoying the scenery.

Eileen….loads of people stop to chat, I’m fine with that, I can talk for England (must be the Irish in me) 🤣 ☘️ …although having said that, I feel happy chatting to two or three people at a time, but a crowd would be different, that’s my introvert side.

Quiet and Sun by Alexa said...

To me You are brave to paint outside where people can see what You doing :)

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