Thursday, 11 August 2022

Meanwhile back in Woolacombe

The weather this last week has been So good…..we really aren’t used to all this, where are the grey skies?

I sound cynical, yes, but we so often find that the weather leading up to the school summer holidays is lovely and sunny - the second the schools close, the weather promptly changes to Wet and Windy!  This season, I have been proved wrong, admittedly I will say there have been a few ‘gloomy’ days, but overall we have enjoyed sunshine.

With this glorious weather, come the Grockles (* Grockles = Devon nickname for the Tourists/Holiday makers)…….in their HOARDES!   A good thing for the businesses, they bring their purses/wallets down here, and certainly the businesses need it.  

Here’s a short video-clip Graham took from the other day, to show you just how packed the beach was….

….click the image….

One highly popular business is the Barricade Beach Cafe (for want of a better word, it's a Curry Hut on that arrives each Summer).  People have a choice of set menu curries, then go and sit on the beach to enjoy.  The queue the other day was quite long…. (yes, that's the curry hut queue)



Eileen said...

More like ice cream weather for me...too hot for curries. I couldn't even be bothered queuing up for one even if I fancied one :)

robin cox walsh said...

Pleasant place to wait for your curry! :)

ann @ studiohyde said...

Eileen…..I can’t understand why people would queue for that long….baffles me!

Robin….I think the smell of the food kept them there! Lol