Saturday, 6 August 2022

A much needed break

 With a last minute holiday booking, a deal we couldn’t say no to, we jetted off to Lanzarote. 

Okay, we happened to choose the very week the UK had a heatwave itself, but I have to say, blissfully the hotel we stayed at was excellent and better still had air conditioning…..ahhhh the relief.

Of course I took my sketchbook and gouache paints with me.  Over the week, I actually only sketched 3 scenes, but so nice to be painting something and somewhere different. 

View from the esplanade in Papagayo, this shows a small part of the hotel

View from our hotel room….we were so lucky, large balcony too.

We drove up the coast one day and stopped to look around shops, and Yes, the beach had to get a sketch.

I had intended to do more sketching, but it was a holiday for relaxing, so we enjoyed the swimming pools at the hotel.



robin cox walsh said...

Lucky you! :) Looks like a stunningly beautiful place.

Eileen said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed a relaxing holiday.
It looks fabulous there and such lovely sketches.

ann @ studiohyde said...

Robin…..It was very stunning. We went there years ago, so it was nice to revisit.

Eileen….Thanks so much, as you can imagine I enjoyed the sketching - finding some shade, and quietly working on the scene. I now look back at them and remember the spot completely, how it felt there, the people etc., so much more than any photo could do.

Marie Smith said...

Your sketches are so much nicer than photos, Ann.

ann @ studiohyde said...

Marie…..Many thanks 🙂…. Have to admit that knowing what sketching materials to pack, can be head scratching, but so glad I bothered 🎨