Tuesday 12 March 2024

Oil painting of Exmoor

Not the usual scene people think of when Exmoor is mentioned.  Usually it’s vast open moorland on the hills, not many trees, but lots of heather (pretty for a short time in season, but a brown carpet for the rest of the year).

The lower ground and villages, of course, are another matter.  This is where the small villages are found plus lots of fields.  We’ve had so much rain this Winter, so the streams and, sad to say, fields are suffering.  I cheered myself up by painting a sunny day with lushes fields, it worked, I feel so much better for it.  If you are wondering where I am set up doing this painting, I’m in the Exmoor National Park Centre at Lynmouth.

Oil on canvas - 8 x 20 inches - Title: EXMOOR FIELDS

I used my iphone to record the painting process (timelapsed it to save people getting bored watching paint dry)!  

It’s recorded in 2 parts.  Part 1 setting out the scene and putting in the initial layer of oil paint.  Then I left that to dry over a few weeks - incidentally it didn’t take that long to dry, I was just slow getting back to it.  Then, this week I tackled the painting again, adding more detail and adjusting the colour tones here and there.

The links are below:

Part 1   https://youtu.be/z9cNMQ9TtgA?si=lFmu8spIWSIDidXv

Part 2   https://youtu.be/QWxvujp_NtE?si=RAlMiugDFxV4jjrb

I hope you will enjoy watching them.


Eileen H said...

Oh Ann, your painting is so good, it's excellent!
I will definitely go and watch your work in progress.

ann @ studiohyde said...

Eileen….aww, Thanks so much, I really appreciate this :)

robin cox walsh said...

What Eileen said! ❤️

ann @ studiohyde said...

Robin….and what I said in response to Eileen, I really appreciate it, Thank You :)