Friday, 22 July 2016

A four day painting course

I like to take the occasional painting course, it's refreshing to see a professional artist teaching and also meet other keen artists.  Earlier this week week I took a four day course in Exmouth with tutor Ray Balkwill.

Other courses, with other tutors, have always been indoors but this one was four days out and about on location - that made a change, and the weather was greatly in our favour too.  In fact I had to find shade most of the time, but that in itself meant I had to 'look' for a suitable scene...all part of the experience.

Here's a photo of us 12 students.  Okay, not all were doing the full four days, but here we are at Topsham Quay on the third day.  Ray, our tutor had the bright idea of a group I immediately hid at the back...I'm peeping through, centre, wearing a hat....lucky they didn't all move back or I would have been in the drink as it were!

Our itinerary...

DAY ONE was at Shelly Gut (Camperdown Creek) Exmouth...

The tide was out all day, so we didn't have to worry.  By the time the tide had turned, we were long gone from our day of painting.

This is the scene Ray chose for his demo

W.F. Holman shed and the blue boat in front of it.  Later in the day I got to meet the owner of the boat shed and apparently the boat had started life in that very shed back in 1934.

Ray Balkwill talked us through his drawing - starting with graphite pencil, pen and charcoal.

Lovely to watch a professional artist at work.

Not a bad view for having lunch either was it.

As you see, there were plenty of boats to choose from and different places to paint.  One of our group was up there on the raised area looking across the estuary.

So what did I draw....

I learned a lot about boats that day -
well I know they all have a
but it was great to sit en plein air and observe them.
You 'see' so much more when you are painting and sketching
within the view you are drawing.

All in all it was a lovely day - lots learned,
which is why I was there.

A short clip of Ray explaining adding the dark areas...

 ~ Our other days painting, will be added soon ~

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