Thursday, 12 January 2017

A visit to the Burton Gallery

I've just visited the Burton Gallery in Bideford, they often have exhibitions, so when we are over that way I pop into have a look around.   This time they had an exhibit of drawings on Ivor The Engine.  Okay, some of you won't have heard of this, but for years it was a cartoon series on TV here in the UK.

Here's a bit of info - click the individual links:

Anyway, I managed to get some photos of the drawings.  It was good to see how the artist had gone about them.  Drawing circles initially, I can agree totally with that method, it works every time.

Sorry these photos aren't brilliantly clear.  The lighting in the gallery was bright and these exhibits were also in glass cabinets, so the reflections were very difficult to deal with.  As you will see, they were mostly drawn out on tracing paper so they could be repeated.

The cut-outs were done in order to keep the whole film to scale.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Wall mending

Work has been ongoing at Arlington Court during the Winter months, even when the house and carriage museum are closed.  Volunteers and Rangers have been busy mending and repairing a wall on the Estate, it's just beyond the Monkey Puzzle walk...

We happened along whilst they were taking a break, so I got to take some close up pictures of the work...

Google Street View - the Monkey Puzzle walk....

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