Monday, 29 September 2014

Seaview and Ryde IOW

There's always something nice about visiting different places, or in our case Re-visiting the Isle of Wight.  Needless to say we always head for a beach and this is Seaview, which faces north east and is near Ryde. 

Thanks to Wikipedia, here's a bit of information about the place:,_Isle_of_Wight    (highlight>right click>Open Link)

and zooming in....

there were some large steels being removed

and how to you remove heavy the orange digger. sorry it's only a short clip and through the wire which separated the pathway from the work.

Then on to Ryde.  Quite a hilly places, and a sit down was welcome.  It always pays to look Up....

check out the statues on the top of that building...

and the inevitable sketch...

For some reason I always think of the Beetles song 'Ticket to Ride' when we're in Ryde!  I remember years ago there used to be a Play on Words with the places on the Isle of Wight....

There were  postcards with it on but I couldn't find them this time - perhaps they no longer do them, but it was something like....

Ryde - Where you walk
Needles - You cannot thread
Cowes - You don't milk

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Boat Rack

Our recent trip down to Portsmouth and over to the Isle of Wight, obviously meant lots of photos.
Thought I would share some of the pics here with you.

Firstly, no doubt you have heard of a Shoe Rack....but has anyone ever seen a Boat Rack?... have now.

We took a walk around before our sailing over to the Island...

crossing the Nelson bridge...
we walked through the tunnel retracing the steps of Admiral Lord Nelson, it is said he used this route to get to the boat which was waiting to take him to HMSVictory.

I don't think they had the flags out for us...

but in readiness for the forthcoming Scottish elections
and their subsequent decision to remain as
part of the Union.

I only had time for a quick sketch before we were 
setting sail ourselves to the Isle of Wight...

 the Spinnaker Tower, a landmark of Portsmouth harbour

although I have been to the top viewing platform, I used the lift provided,
I did think it was a bit extreme of these guys to go up on the outside!

Later as we sailed over to the island, I managed to
get a quick picture of the hovercraft

and so to Fishbourne harbour
and a few days rest and relaxation.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Guess who went down the road again....

The Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery.....just had to share this update.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Bonds of Friendship

This statue is to mark, as it says, Bonds of Friendship between Britain and Australia.  It stands by the harbour in Southsea..

....and, of course, I sketched it....

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Kings Troop, Royal Horse Artillery

I stand corrected on my previous post. I thought it was a different Regiment, turns out it's the Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery, they look the same to me.  All the horses look the same, specially chosen to.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Look whose on holiday...

the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment walked by this morning....

 I managed to grab my camera....there were about 10 pairs of horses going down before I got this pic....

Saturday, 13 September 2014


You would never believe that this exhibit was made out of former gym climbing ropes...

This life sized rope sculpture was inspired by the story of a young Newfoundland dog named Bouncer.  Presented to the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York in 1901. 

Created by artist Dominic Gubb who studied sculpture in London and has lived and worked in Wales since's some info about him and 'Bouncer' taken from information given by
Arlington Court the National Trust property where this exhibit is currently to be seen.

The carriage in the exhibit is not the one used by the original 'Bouncer',
but shown as an example.

During my lunch break I managed to do a very quick