Saturday, 22 April 2017

En plein air Arlington Court

Another lovely day painting at Arlington.  This could get a little repetitive for you to read, so all I'll say is ...


(Painting to be completed in the studio)

My set up was near the Carriage Museum and Church, so I've made a note for some more painting scenes in the future...

See what I mean, from these images above.  How could I resist painting.

This next painting is small, approx. 8" x 6" incl. matt/mount board

The Fields at Arlington Court

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Sketching at Arlington

Just had another lovely day painting and sketching at Arlington Court here in North Devon.

....this sketch is across two pages in my concertina Seawhite sketchbook.  It takes watercolour well.

~ The Arcade Carriage Museum ~

Although the above sketch wasn't my main aim on this visit, I did get some reference work done, including the Granary....

quick sketch - ink and watercolour
(a loosen up, get the feel for the place exercise)

* * *

This next painting could become a completed work, once framed with a matt/mount board.
(measures 12" x 9")
Drawn with dip ink using my 'improvised pen' - a piece of bamboo with a matchstick in it - matchstick sharpened to a point.  It gives a random line, which sometimes can be better than using a standard pen

I moved position a couple of times whilst there and got another view of this granary,
which as you see, still awaits watercolour which I will do in the studio.

The great advantage to being there in person, is that the scene and feel of the place imprints itself in the brain,  completing a painting at home is like I'm still there.

I was delighted when my friend Elsie Roff happened along.  Being a great photographer she took some photos of me drawing....

Can you tell it was windy and cold there, I was prepared with extra jumpers as layers but even so I got frozen brrrrr!, which is when I retreated to the arcade
.......ahhh what artists go through, lol.


Monday, 10 April 2017

Arlington Court paintings.....

Well, I knew I would do other versions of the main house at Arlington, and over the weekend I worked on a Line and Wash version.  Have to admit that Line and Wash paintings are my all time favourites to do and think I will stick with this technique, apart from landscapes of the countryside around the estate....

(this painting is small approx 7" x 6")


This painting is approx. 12" x 9"

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Completed painting.....

.....worked in my studio on the painting I started at Arlington Court the other day.

I wanted to give the full width view face on, but also show that it is set in extensive grounds with a large lawned area in front of it.  That I believe I achieved.

Very happy with the result, 
but I do intend to do more paintings of this scene, perhaps in varying styles.

At the time I also did some sketching, that helps a lot for later reference and seems to fix the scene in my brain.  The sketchbook will be nice to look back over at a later time too, so I chose a concertina sketchbook for this and hope to make this a 'Journey around Arlington Court'.

here's a very short clip video of the sketchbook so far....

Looking forward to filling this sketchbook in.

Having sat in front of the property, it has given me a good feel for it 
(much better than any photograph could do).


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