Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Sorting bookshelves and finding old sketchbooks

I've been busy clearing and sorting things out here.  Firstly the bookcase, why do I hoard books when I've read them?   So, a whole load have gone off to the local Second hand bookshop.

Then, there is my studio space.   Ummm, it seems to be taking a while, wonder why.  I'm lucky to have a good sized space, but as us ladies know with handbags, the bigger they are the more 'stuff' you put in them.  Hence you can imagine the hoarding that has occurred with my Ikea bookshelves.  Yes, I admit it, I have Ikea shelving....shock horror for those who shun such things, but they are REALLY useful.   Trouble is, I keep getting sidetracked and instead of putting things into different groups, like
Keep - Chuck out - Charity shop, I stop to look through things, read them and funny thing is an hour later I haven't made any headway whatsoever, it's like falling down a rabbit hole.   No wonder it is taking so long to sort out.  But regardless, progress is occurring albeit slowly.

Good finds here and there.  I found an old sketchbook, yes another rabbit hole...but was quite pleased to see this little sketch done some time ago and had totally forgotten about it -

and the shelves and boxes are getting there,
at least these are


Friday, 20 January 2017

When watercolour disappears into the paper....

This is something I've covered in my Useful Painting Tips blog, but thought I would add it here too.  This happens particularly with cheap sketchbooks, the paper just isn't up to the job of handling watercolour, it tends to soak into the paper and fade.  That's not to say the sketchbook is no good, it just isn't up to the job of handling watercolour.   It is good enough to use for quick sketches with graphite or's the link to my Useful Painting Tips blog and the post I did about it

and here's an example using watercolour in the cheap sketchbook.

Watercolour sort of fades into the paper and doesn't stay clear and crisp, I had to go over this several times even to get it to show up at all.  Plus the paper felt like it had a 'scratchy' surface to paint on.  Why did I buy it - well the obvious is it was cheap in the first place.  So why didn't I avoid it - trouble was it was packaged up, so I couldn't feel the texture of the paper before I bought.

With this next sketch, you can see how the paint fades...

There is always an upside to these things however.  I get to use this sketchbook now for ideas, quick sketches and warmup win.

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