At the beginning of 2017 I became the volunteer Artist-in-Residence @ Arlington Court National Trust Devon - Watch out for my posts about it.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Another sketch from a recent holiday

Sketched en plein air



There was something lovely about sitting by this harbour and watching the world go by.
The little orange boat you see in the picture was the local Lifeboat,
thankfully not being used but ready to go if needed.

The buildings on the left were apartments, just hope people didn't get their feet wet too often!

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Quick sketches

I should have posted these ages ago,

here's an outline sketch done whilst we visited Cornwall recently

(I will eventually get around to adding watercolour)

and this drawing of buildings, I used coloured pencils 

Inktense - although Ink they do come out looking like a cross between pastel and watercolour

- quite like the effect.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Exeter Races

Had a lovely day with our daughter at Exeter Races last Sunday.  Not our usual entertainment, but this was a special day.  Do you remember me posting about Adventure Clydesdales on Dartmoor - click here for post if you missed it.    Well, some of the Clydesdales from that yard were actually RACING in Aid of The Devon Air Ambulance.   What better reason to go and see them race and help sponsor the air ambulance.

Enough's some pictures I took on the day...

The course

The big screen was useful, there were loads of people around the Parade Ring. This screen meant we were able to see riders and horses closer.

I guess it was a bit like watching TV, but actually being there!

Looked so strange to see jockeys on such large horses.

on their way down to the start

After the race, as they canter back to the parade ring -
and there's a repeat of the race on the big screen

~ We didn't win any money, but it was a win win for a grand day out ~


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