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Saturday, 22 September 2018

Amanda Hyatt workshop

Last  month I had the great fortune to be part of a 5-day Workshop course in Sidmouth.  Our tutor was

We did some work in the Studio and also some paintings en plein air.

All the following paintings are Amanda's work

My fellow students were generally used to using watercolour.

I happened to spot immediately one Professional artist the minute he walked in to join the course

That for me confirmed that it isn't only beginners/intermediate artists who go on Art courses,

the Professionals do too.

Small clip of Amanda taking one of the tutorials

Here's a photo of us all at the end of the Course.  I'm at the back on the right (hiding) lol

And talk about Professionals on this Course,
it was great to meet and follow online
Award Winning Artist 
Karen Thomas  
(group pic courtesy of Karen)



Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Art Exhibition last weekend

I'm pleased to say it was a SUCCESS
@ Arlington Court

We had around 250 people through the door and a lot of those people stopped to chat to either myself
or Graham and, of course, William blog🔗

Sold some paintings and raised a substantial amount of money for Arlington, specifically towards
 the Boudair Silk fund (moths and bugs are always trying to chomp their way through it, hence it needs saving)
on the first day, Saturday, we had our daughter Lil and little Hamish helping out too
before the doors officially opened, I was preparing a canvas

the large painting Sold.....hope it went to a good home

when my back was turned, Lil flipped the painting over and Graham posed for the camera....
Lil didn't tell him the painting was upside down!!!


 I completed the painting later in the day it SOLD
(it was the correct way up by then)

the painting on the windowsill was moved onto a table-easel-stand later in the day, when a
landscape had Sold

 at the end of the second day, I had made inroads with the next painting,
this will be completed at home

Yes, we did have a lot of visitors honestly,
but didn't take photos of them purely out of courtesy.


Monday, 3 September 2018

Looking forward to this weekend.....

Yikes, what was I thinking!

Hopefully, I'll be doing a painting whilst there
(as pre-planned and mentioned in my last blogpost)


Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Planning and pre-sketch

I usually try to do a quick thumbnail sketch of a scene before starting a painting.

They aren't much to write home about, scribbled quickly just to get an idea,
 I don't tend to keep them.  Recently, however, I've been working in a hard-back sketchbook,
so keeping the "scribbles" is inevitable.

For a future painting, I'm thinking acrylic on canvas,
similar to others I've done and found a free reference photo seascape.
  Sketching it out, playing with ideas.

(sketched with acrylic paint)

a double page spread with a High horizon line

and then with a Low horizon line

(pencil outline)

(watercolour added)

Quick ideas but they tell me a lot.

When I start the canvas, I'll try to remember to take photos of the process


as they say

"Watch this space"

Monday, 20 August 2018

Plein Air at Arlington Court

Most weeks I get to paint plein air at Arlington Court

(weather permitting, of course, I try to avoid the rain!)

Last week, I set up my easel again near the house.

For one thing, the view is great, plus I seem to find a different angle most times.

Having completed this painting in the studio,

I titled it:

"The family Matthews enjoying a picnic"

There's a reason why I called it that.  I was busy painting the scene, when the Matthews family came 

along, they stopped to see what I was painting, then they wandered off and later turned up again to sit down not far from me and have their picnic.    It summed up the day, with families on their Summer 

holidays, enjoying the visit to Arlington and having a good time.  So I painted the Matthews family 

into the scene, after all they were part of it....

Wednesday, 15 August 2018


I was browsing through previous blogposts and came upon this one from March 2015.  Thought you would like to see it, some of you will remember this but newbies to my blog may not have scrolled back that here it is...

MARCH 2015

This is something I've done before, and the other day I decided it was time to repurpose another old acrylic canvas painting.   Having bought some plain canvas tote bags (the stronger sort not flimsy ones), I set to work and cut my canvas from the frame it was on

the point of no return

Tote measures approx. 17" x 15"

I cross-stitched the canvas onto the bag using strong thread.  This is the inside of the bag, so the stitching shows - I call it my shabby chic stitch!

That's it, one modern tote shopper with repurposed artwork.


Monday, 13 August 2018


 Acrylic on canvas.

I started this painting last week at Arlington Court, part of their Fundraising Friday event.

The best part for me? - chatting to the visitors, who incidentally seemed to like seeing me paint.

Someone asked how I went about a painting, I replied...

"well, I've got plenty of colours, it's a matter of putting them on in the right order" 

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Acrylic on canvas board

I was delighted when given permission by the owners of local property, to do a painting from one of their photos. They have recently added a pond to their garden and captured a great photograph with reflections across it towards their house, which happens to be Round - although that fact doesn't show in the painting (or the photo), just thought I would add that fact for you.

Here it is on my easel, before I wrapped the painting and handed it to the house owners,
my gift to them as a Thank you for letting me do the painting.

Fortunately, they were delighted with it.

For me,  I  Loved doing this painting.

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