Friday, 18 August 2017

Ipad stand

A fellow artist happened to add photos of her iPad Stand on Facebook.  Since I have gone to great lengths in the past, to try and set up my iPad (and iPhone) to record videos, I was obviously going to ask her about it.

Turns out it's a good way to record videos, so I went ahead and ordered one.  Here it is on my workspace

I'm very hopeful this will do what I hope it will -
there's plenty of room for me to work without the iPad/iphone blocking my view of what I'm trying to paint.

The only thing to do now is to try recording a video.  

(here's just a little 'tester', I'm removing masking tape, riveting stuff I know, but I have to start somewhere - for some reason my hands are flapping about to begin with, sorry about that!)

(many thanks to Judy Coleman for her advice
about this iPad/iphone Stand).

a slight blip earlier on my blog...

apologies if anyone saw my blogpost earlier about '3rd party hosting'...this was something that cropped up on my blog and left me somewhat confused.  I have since worked out what the problem was and so am now a happy blogger again.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Another bike ride

Had a lovely ride on my bicycle today via the old railway line, now a tarmac trail for walkers and bicycles.   There are so many lovely views along the way, but this time I stopped and took a quick photo of this farmhouse...

I felt sure it would end up as a painting, so it wasn't surprising that the first thing I started drawing when I got home was this scene.  Initially was on going to do an ink outline then leave it for another day, but as soon as that dried, I just had to add watercolour.

Here it is on my easel and you'll notice I used artistic license in changing the building from white to rustic....I thought it added a bit more to the painting.

Not completed at this stage.  I'm trying out some new masking tape around the edges, and so far am very pleased with it.

Once I removed the tape, I could look at the painting objectively.  I can see I need to add more details to this.

Although I am currently working a some other artwork - Commission pieces - this painting is allowing me to switch my brain off and give them a break for a day.  I will then go back to my Commission work with fresh eyes.

I've added more detail now...




"The Old Farmhouse"

(Overall size: 12" x 9"    Painting/image size: 10" x 7")

Now on my

ETSY shop (click link to view)