27 May 2017

A quick sketch

FRIDAY - Painting en plein air at Arlington Court - 

Weather - Very Windy - Lost my hat 4 times.  Thank goodness I didn't opt to use my easel, it surely would have fallen over.  Needless to say, I got some painting done and started a 12" x 9" watercolour (which I can't show yet as I still need to finish it in my home studio).

There's a lot of note taking during my sessions, regardless of the weather - sketches, doodles etc for my artwork at Arlington Court.  I am gathering quite a collection and yesterday I added some quick sketches to my stock....

I look upon them as 'Prompts'  and  'Reminders for paintings yet to do'

It's really helpful to do these sketches as from them, I get more ideas.


have sprung to mind.

- Have a great weekend -

23 May 2017

Devon County Show plus a Horse Show

Last week was Devon County Show (link) again, held over three days in May, and thankfully the weather held out for the most part.   I went along with daughter on


 and reckon we walked about 7 miles during that day...phew, I was beat.

As you see the clouds built up and hence the pics are a bit dark.  Loads of things going on, from farming equipment to marquees with clothes and the usual Rings where there were displays and also competitions for jumping.

....and these things


Ummm, I'm not sure about them.  They look so cute,
but make a strange crying sound
and those long necks....weird or what.

 ...and they are as interested in what's going on as me!

The clouds eventually opened and we got a downpour or two

but it was okay,
daughter managed to get a free poncho from Mole Valley farmers



thankfully turned out to be much brighter.
We went along with one of her ponies,  Buddy,
to a small Show at Poltimore

I think both pony and rider were pleased with their rosette

She got great support from her friends

It was busy

but it was a



16 May 2017

We love living in Devon

....but don't pretend that the weather is always...

sometimes it is overcast, but great for walks....

and other times the view seems to disappear!

~ actually happens during May and June for a day,
we can live with that ~

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