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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Further afield on this occasion...

Back when we had a few days away.  Nice to look back over my photos and remember such lovely holidays especially on this occasions when I rode my bike from Poole🔗 to 
Upton Country Park 🔗.

if you look in the distance, there are some super yachts - they're made in Poole

 ~ What a great view ~

Monday, 16 July 2018

A look back to a blog post in 2012

Oh my, how time flies.   I was browsing through previous posts recently and came across this painting from 2012 of Dunkery Beacon on Exmoor - so thought I would add it again (some of you may never have seen it and for those of you who remember it, I apologise for my repetition).

* * *

March 2012 -

I have just completed another Atelier Interactive Acrylic - hopefully in an Impressionist style! 

Like all paintings, I started out covering the canvas with Gesso, on this occasion Grey and left it to dry completely.

Being a Moorland scene and there being little in the way of focal point, I decided to put the focus on the foreground.....

When I stood back and took an objective look, I felt that the path in the foreground actually took the Viewer
OUT of the painting, so I changed it....

adding some more darks to the base of the hill on the right and then some Mist over the dark hollow in the Valley....

 the finished painting               


 I also added three sheep to the painting - did you see them?   (this sounds like a where's Wally/Waldo!)

This painting SOLD 


Friday, 13 July 2018

Where does the week go

Before I know it, 

it's time for another of my

 'Art Escape to Arlington Court' painting days.

Again, I set up by the house.

This time I brought a different shaped Canvas with me,

I thought it would be nice to use a Box Canvas.

You will see that I am in the shade again.  Although the angle for the painting was different, it gave me the chance to get the tones and colours.

and I got a lovely surprise when I was offered a cup of tea.

Look what turned up
I thought it would be extremely churlish to refuse the scone,
so I enjoyed it - and it was

~ Have a lovely weekend all ~

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