Monday, 27 February 2012

Work In Progress - the Shoreline

The final stage of my On the Easel - Work in Progress is now painted

the shoreline

Step 11          

Using a mix of Burnt Umber, Naples Yellow and Yellow Ochre, (not mixed together though) this time putting the colour on the brush as it is

I worked this paint from the outside of the canvas towards the centre.  

Step 12      

Using more Naples Yellow and a little Yellow Ochre, I did the reflection in the centre - in a downward stroke and then 'across' from side to side, which gives the appearance of reflection.  

Step 13        
The next stage was just to add some extra white here and there and a few random strokes across the sand

Step 14 will come later - I intend to leave this painting for a week - let it rest (and me) and come back to it.
In fact I already see where there are areas for improvement, but perhaps that's because I have just been painting, and am too close - 

I'll come back to it with fresh eyes - but hope you have enjoyed the WIP so far!

Friday, 24 February 2012

Acrylics - Cleaning your palette

When painting with acrylics I use large white wall tiles as my palette, that way I get to see the colours clearly, and can also mix easily and see the shades needed.  The problem comes when they are covered  in paint and they need to be cleaned up.   I know,  you just use soap and water - and yes I accept that, BUT you do get large blobs of dried colour heading down the drain (not a good idea) plus the paint (having been softened with warm water) then spreads ALL OVER THE PLACE....

 Even then you do get some paint that refuses to budge, as this photograph shows...

My solution is to cover the tile with Cling film.  Easily accessible, and easy to put over the tile...


Plus you still see your colours clearly, BUT the added advantage is that you just lift off the cling film, roll it up and chuck it away!

Now, how easy is that!

Plus I have updated my 
On the Easel : Work in Progress
Step 4 The Sea
Check out the Link under the Header photo


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

On the Easel : Work in Progress

I have today added a new Page in my Headers (just under the Header photo)...

thought it would be nice to show my Work in Progress and gradually add to it with various other paintings as I work on them.   At the moment I have this Beach scene on my easel

Step 1

I covered the whole Canvas with a mixture of Yellow Ochre Acrylic and White Gesso - plus a VERY small dash of Cadmium Red to warm it slightly.

I left this to dry completely

Step 2

Starting with the sky and using Atelier Interactive Acrylics from now on I used a mix of

Pthalo Blue  and Titanium White - making sure the blue was not too strong.  Pthalo blue can get a bit carried away if you are not careful.

I continued this colour down into the sea area (although this will ultimately be covered with another colour at least it gives me a guide as to where everything is going)

note - I have also established the horizon line, which is just a bit lower than middle of the canvas.

Step 3

The next job was to put in some clouds.

Using a mix of Ultramarine Blue and Cad. Red mixed with a little Titanium White and varied the values here and there.

As I worked my way down I put on a paler mix to indicate distance.

And that is it so far....I have a basis from which to work now.    Step 4 will be working on the sea.


Friday, 17 February 2012

Sunset over Woolacombe

I am still doing paintings for the upcoming Gallery when it opens next month.  This time I have headed for the sea and a sunset.  I wanted to give this painting a pastel feel....

This measures 20" x 15"

this has now set me off on a whole new set of paintings, well ideas anyway, all I have to do now is get on with them!

Have a great weekend


Thursday, 16 February 2012

Things change

Yes, this old Hotel is now no more!.... following on from my post of the 19th January.

so here are some pictures as it was gradually taken down


All that is left now is for the site to be cleared of the rubble!

and we hope a new Hotel will be put in it's place
with work due to start soon


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Cows on Tour

I had something completely different planned for my blog post today, but this morning DHGraham returned from his morning walk with William to say there had been cows on the esplanade!  

Luckily he had the presence of mind to grab his camera and do a quick video - plus a little voice over chatting to William!  

These cows must have decided to leave their field high up on Potters Hill and go down to the beach for the day!

After husband and William returned home we could see in the distance that the Police were on hand (2 cars) plus the farmer to herd the cows back up the hill to their field.....wonder if they enjoyed their outing!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Sunny morning

Whilst a large part of the country is struggling with snow and icy conditions, here on the South West coast we have escaped the worst of the conditions (at least for now) - up on Exmoor, a few miles from here, they have had snow, but then that is to be expected with it being higher and above sea level.

I have just taken this photo, at 9.38am, from a suitable vantage point looking across to the Atlantic and we have it clear and sunny and -2 degrees, (according to the temperature reading from the car), brrrrr.

have a good weekend everyone!


Thursday, 2 February 2012

Travelling Light

On our recent travels, and as you can guess, I have my Sketchbook with me.  I often take along some  watercolour paper, that way I get to do larger paintings in the comfort of our Hotel.   When we are out and about I just use my Sketchbook and my trusty camera for reference photos.

Being out and about does mean sometimes struggling along with a large bag of everything you think you MUST HAVE.  So this is where I have simplified what I take. Going down to South Devon recently was an opportunity to keep my sketching supplies basic and I thought I would show you just how BASIC I keep them for a quick sketch in this cold weather, brrrrr!

So what do I take....

Sketchbook  -  Pen   -   Pencil

you can't get more basic than that, but how about a bit of colour.  This is where I prepare the pages first and add little blocks of colour down the edge of the page using my Derwent Inktense pencils, that way I don't have to take the Derwent pencils with me.

It means I can do a quick sketch with pencil or pen and with my waterbrush use the colours as and when I need them

The colours activate easily and provide enough for each drawing, which in this case was the Hotel on 

and there you have it, 
a very simple sketch but also very few items to have to carry about

(oh and I want to point out we did not stay in that particular Hotel - way too dear!)

have a good day everyone!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Work in Progress

I am still working on my Atelier Interactive acrylic painting from the other day -

Exmoor View

I have finally got round to adding some detail to the bottom half of the painting.  For the distant hills on the left I have given them some extra colour and when that dried I added a glaze of white/blue mix to create a misty look  - (they are close-ups so you can see a bit of detail but I apologise for the slight glare)

then I tackled the pathway leading the viewer into the scene and added some random puddles!

and a first layer of grasses on the right

I still have some way to go adding more detail here and there
but for now this is how it looks