Friday, 25 February 2022


We had a little surprise this morning…..a Robin decided to visit us INDOORS!

First I knew was hubby calling out for me to open the front door.  Strange I thought, surely he can open a door.  Then I put 2 and 2 together when I saw he was holding this wee bird.  He had heard a thud on the window and thought a bird had hit the window, but outside, only to see it was Inside….and got his phone to prove this strangeness.

I got the door and hubby opened his hands, off went the Robin with a chirrup of Thanks  (at least I hope that was what he was saying).   

We aren’t totally sure when it got inside, but our shower room window was open (held by a catch so it doesn’t swing totally back) and there had been a hail storm, leaving the inevitable hailstones, so perhaps the little chap had seen an opportunity to shelter.

Click the image, a short video before hubby managed to rescue it.

Wednesday, 23 February 2022

Monday, 21 February 2022

Work-in-progress time

Time….is the main word, as I always need plenty of time waiting for paint to dry.  Not to worry, I have the system cracked.  The answer is to have several paintings on the go, but at various stages. That way I get to go back over pieces that have dried enough for me to work on, whilst waiting for the latest ones to dry.

Well, it all makes sense to me and mostly works.  Storing the wet artworks is a bit of a juggling act, it’s finding enough space for them, but slowly and surely it does work out.  One thing I do enjoy is taking a canvas work-in-progress painting down from a high shelf and discovering it again.  Definitely see it with ‘new eyes’ as my brain has had time to stop assuming the art is either spot on, or one thing or another.  Upon viewing it again, I see immediately where it needs work (or no work needed) as the case may be.

Here’s the initial layer of paint

and here’s where I started to add more paint

You’ll see from the Header of this blog, that I had done a small ‘tester’ version some while ago…just to see how it could work.  Leaving the painting has helped…having looked afresh at the larger canvas version, I could see changes to be made from that original ‘tester’.  Mainly the fact that the foreground had a frozen pond.  Now, I would never have seen that at the time I painted the basic backgrounds.  So pleased I left it on a shelf where I couldn’t keep looking at it.

So, today I progressed with some more work

Getting there, and I already have in mind what I need to do.
Again, this is being put out of reach to dry, so
stay tuned for the update. 

Sorry this takes time, but hope it will be worth it.


Wednesday, 9 February 2022


 Sometimes the simplest of sketches are ones that say the most…..

Taken from the photograph of a friends horse and puppy
out on their exercise.