Thursday, 21 July 2022

Woodbury Hill Fort

Woodbury Castle near Exmouth in Devon, is an Iron Age hill fort.   You would drive past it without even realising it's a castle - and why not, there is no 'actual' castle there.  However, back in the day....well, I've tried to take photos of the notice board there, so hopefully this will help explain a bit.


 ~ And HERE'S A LINK for those who would like to read about the restoration project ~


robin cox walsh said...

I LOVE stuff like this! It's just fascinating how people lived in different times. Thanks for sharing! :)

ann @ studiohyde said...

Robin......It wasn't until I saw the signs they had put there, that I realised myself how old this is. The 'link' I added also had another link to a youtube video about it too :)

Eileen said...

Oh wow, I love ancient history like that. It looks a lovely walk for young Dottie too.

ann @ studiohyde said...'s a great place for Dottie, she loves zooming about there.....(although we have to watch out for boggy areas (which are few) but could make for a disastrous journey back to Lil's house if we don't think ahead) 🤣