Wednesday 17 January 2024

One minute it’s a new year

 and before you know it we’re hurtling towards February! 

anyway,  here’s to 2024

Painting plein air in the Centre at the Exmoor National Park Lynmouth has slowed.  It is still open to visitors throughout the Winter, however due to the weather and short days, I decided to concentrate on completing studio work until February (or thereabouts).   For anyone who isn’t aware, driving into Lynmouth is via a Very Steep Hill.  Infact 2 hills, with ‘escape routes’ if the worst happens.  So a no-no for me in Winter.  

I have several paintings partly worked on and others with a whole canvas completely painted, But they need more detail…..I call it adding the dots and dashes! 

↘️This oil painting is all but done, until I look at it again in a couple of weeks time!



Marie Smith said...

Lovely! Great colour!

Eileen H said...

Mid-January already!
You're wise not to risk driving in winter conditions, stay warm and stay safe.
As always your painting is lovely xx

ann @ studiohyde said...

Marie….Many thanks Marie, I love painting this view as I can alter the seasons….if only we had that much control on the weather! Lol.

Eileen…..Thanks Eileen. The weather today, Thurs 18th Jan is really cold down here (we’re Southern Softies of course), but I’ve always hated two types of driving conditions….1. Freezing fog and 2. Icy roads (the invisible black ice being the worst). Always wished I could have tried out a Skid Pad with controlled conditions to feel more aware of the unexpected, but heyho, my answer is to just avoid drivng in it, lol.

Gemma's person said...

The water is all but moving, looks perfectly real..

robin cox walsh said...

Beautiful! The 'punch' of red (scarlet....coral, rose, wine......LOL) makes it SING! 😁

ann @ studiohyde said...

Robin….Thanks, I think it was nearly all those reds ! 🤣